Style made from jute bales


Every day Italians take time for a coffee break. It is an important moment in our culture to take a break from the rhythm of work. The break is a time to meet and exchange ideas, when the aroma awakens your senses, the flavor enlivens you, and for a moment you forget the present, traveling with your mind to other places. For us, this is when ideas are born. To find artistic value in an shapeless jute sack initially seemed a bit risky, but then we considered the adventure that this material brings with it. We imagined coffee fields, the harvesting of the beans, the rough sacks filled by great human effort and loaded onto trucks, or at ports on their way to be roasted, to finally to reach our warm coffee cups. We knew we had found a material that had all the appeal and grit to become one of our shoes. The Springa Caffè, made with jute inserts that have an adventure to tell of an intercontinental voyage, is joined at the toe with the softest leather to make a warm upper typical of where it comes from, made even more captivating by its camouflage sole.