Style made from t-shirts


A mountain of colorful printed t-shirts… Hard Rock Cafè, ACDC, Iron Maiden, Mickey Mouse, Scarface and hundreds of others from events, posters, and comics. Worn by who knows who, who knows when, and in who knows which part of the world. Why not give them a new history? In this way, the collar of green t-shirt ends up as the tongue of the shoe, half of Al Pacino’s face printed on a black t-shirt becomes the back part of an upper, the text EISTER on a red background forms the midsection, and a white sleeve becomes the stripe where the eyelets are lined up. And the sole? Each of these shoes has a camouflage sole made from colorful pellets that are chosen in the proportions and colors to match the upper. Each shoe has not only a unique upper, but also a unique sole… is it creative or crazy?